About Citi Homes

Kelowna’s Citi Homes offers an innovative and unique approach to designing, constructing and marketing for sale; new urban infill homes in the downtown Kelowna area. Citi Home’s services are suited to small lot property owners, interested in maximizing their return on their properties in a cost-effective, time-sensitive manner. Learn More

Heart of the Citi

Citi Homes’ projects are centrally located in the thriving downtown Kelowna area. Working with landowners from approvals to construction and sales, Citi Homes are designed for an urban lifestyle, built with quality and craftsmanship and offer future Kelowna home owners access to modern and affordable living solutions. Learn More

Citi Homes Communities

We are pleased to work with a number of landowners in the heart of Kelowna. Preview the Citi Homes developments now underway in our community. Learn More